"Now skyscrapers and superhighways are carved through the heart of Florida, building subdivisions while the swamps are drained, making room for people and amusement parks. It's like watching someone you love die slow. They're killing her one piece at a time."  

These comments, about the state of Florida, were spoken by JJ Grey, leader of Mofro, a Jacksonville based rock band– more specifically, a southern-fried swamp funk band.  You can read more about the band here

Why do we more frequently hear rock stars say things about caring for creation than church preachers?  Speaking of Florida, JJ says, "It's like watching someone you love die slow."  Why don't we hear more preachers lament our carelessness with the earth!  God gave us the planet earth as a gift.  What if we used the resources of the earth as if they really were a gift of God?  What does the condition of the planet earth say about the condition of our hearts and souls?  It seems that Rock stars like JJ, or Bono of U2, have a clearer understanding of social justice and stewardship than do many religious leaders.

Now I am the first to say that I enjoy living in they city.  I enjoy being in downtown St. Pete, and, I recognize that I use roads that have been paved and live and work in buildings that were built on Florida soil.  But I would hope that we could find more creative ways to care for creation while still providing places for people to live in urban areas and throughout our state of Florida.  It doesn't have to be either/or, but it could be both/and.  We can both build safe and enjoyable places to live and work and care for creation.