Today, I was invited to pray at the 12th Annual Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast sponsored by the YMCA of Greater St Petersburg. I offered the following prayer:

O God of Wisdom and Truth, we worship you this morning celebrating our life together in the City Beautiful. Your holy scriptures, O God, are full of examples of teachers and life long learners. We recall how the young man, Samuel, learned from Eli, and grew to become a prophet and leader. We remember, Elijah who was a mentor to Elisha. And, we remember Mary who sat at the feet of her Teacher, and Martha her sister, learning to choose the better portion.

Those of us who gather here today know that we are standing on the shoulders of those who taught us. We remember the many people who sacrificed much and invested in us and in our neighborhood. We gather together to reflect, to learn and give thanks for coaches, teachers, principals, band directors, camp counselors and hundreds of others who invested in our own individual lives and in this community.

Today, we are the coaches, teachers, principals, band directors, and camp counselors. Our children look, now, to us, eager for our attention, our time, and the wisdom that has been passed down to us. Help us, O God, to be worthy of the investment made in us long ago.

Give us, we humbly ask, more wisdom, courage and strength to love that we might make a difference in our community and, especially, in the children and youth in our city. May we never forget the responsibility that has been entrusted to us. May we teach, lead, coach, direct and serve, in ways that promote peace, justice, compassion, mercy and unity in our City Beautiful. To you, O God of Wisdom and Truth, be all the honor and glory! Amen.