During these final days of the Advent Season, I invite you to reflect on what Jesus taught about mercy, trust and humilty.

Doug McMahon.

The St. Pete Times reports that a man at a car dealership in Dade City sees Jesus in the grain of a wooden door in the used car sales office.  You can read the story here.  The same article also reported that Floridians in recent years have seen Jesus and/or his Mother Mary in a grilled cheese sandwich, a sea shell, a pancake, a 7×7 foot slab of granite, a potato chip, and, back in December of 1996, Floridians saw what looked like the Virgin Mary on a glass building then being leased by a car rental company.

Seeing this roll call of appearances all together in one long list causes me to wonder what Jesus would say.  I am certain that Jesus doesn't want us to look for him in a potato chip, a pancake or the wooden door at a car dealership.  He told us to look for him in people who are merciful, trusting, and humble.  When people forgive one another, turn…

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